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About Angela McNaul Photography



Angela McNaul created a brand of photography that captures your newborn at their purest form. Simple. Pure. Raw. Memories to forever preserve in a moment in time.

 She started her business in 2010 after the birth of her youngest child. She fell in love with photography and has photographed clients all over Virginia, DC, Delaware, North Carolina and Maine.  Many have traveled hours to have sessions with her and her photography can be seen displayed at local medical facilities and her art work is hanging on the wall at local hospitals.

Capturing these fleeting moments is a gift unlike any other. Making your memories into art is always her goal. She wants you to leave your sessions knowing these moments in time will be forever captured and they are all about you.   

Random facts about Angela

-I love rich colors, deep shadows and sweet, simple newborns.

-I have more props than I will ever need or use. Its an addiction.

-I am the mom of two amazing kids. They are my everything. My walls are covered in their photos.

-Coffee is my favorite thing in the entire world. Like more important than chocolate kind of favorite.

-I have been with my amazing husband for 20 years. This business exist because he believes in me. How blessed am I?

-I will probably tell you 100x during your session that your baby is so stinking cute. I cant help it. I love babies.

-I work as needed at the University of Virginia NICU as a nurse. (did I mention I love babies?)

-I run. A lot. I will probably mention running at least once over the course of our friendship. Its right up there with coffee.-

-If you want to see a piece of my heart. Watch my video below (and let me know you did by commenting on this page) because I’ve watched it way to many times and I still cry!






(photo credit: Brook Robinson Photography)