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FAQ Newborn Session’s

I have built this page based on the many questions I get about newborn sessions from prospective clients.  If you dont see your answer here, please email me. If you have a questions I am sure its one other moms wonder too!


When is the best time to book a newborn session?
I love to hear from new moms in the second trimester. This way it gives us plenty of time to plan your newborn session. Each newborn session is custom and I love your input into colors you would like to see. I also hand pick/buy each prop with a baby in mind or an idea in mind. Its never to early to let me know you want a session. And finally, I only take 8 sessions a month.  My babies get first priority.


Do you come to our home? Or do you have a studio?

Most of my newborn sessions are done in my 300 square foot home studio. It is all set up and ready for your arrival. I have hundreds of props on hand, natural and studio lighting (in case its needed). I keep diapers, wipes, pacifiers (new & unopened) burp clothes and just about anything you need on hand. There are no pets allowed in the studio. If you prefer a newborn session in the comfort of your own home, a convenience fee associated with travel. I require about 10 foot space, some natural light (no overhead lights) and you must be willing to crank your heat to 80 degrees.


When do you like to photograph a newborn?

I prefer 14 days and younger. For boys, if they have circumcision in the hospital, I usually like to photograph them from days 5-14 to give them time to heal.  Before the 2 week mark, babies are very bendable, squishy and sleepy. They tend to start getting baby acne around the 2 week mark also. It makes my job easier.


Why do you want them sleeping? Why cant you take photos of them with their eyes open?

Babies that are awake are usually fussy. Fussy babies are usually crying.  They usually fight most the sweet poses that parents really want. Most the time, if their eyes are open in those first few days, they will be crossed when taking a photo.  *Sometimes* I can get a sweet photo of open eyes.


How do you get them to sleep?

We use heat and milk. I keep my studio set between 80-85 degrees with heaters going the entire session. We take as many breaks as needed for your baby to nurse or feed.


Do we provide props or do you bring them with you?

I have over 500 props in my studio. I customize each session for your little one. That being said, I love that blanket that grandmom knit.  And of course you can use the hat your best friend Sue made for your little one. Just let me know in advance what you are thinking so I can incorporate your ideas with mine. Please do not send me pinterest links. I would love to hear your ideas but remember that each photographer has their own style. You will receive a form with your contract that will help direct me to colors & poses you love.
What if my baby is past 14 days or was in the nicu/hospital longer than we thought?

At this time, I do not take babies older than 14 days (for a true newborn session) unless there is a reason. Sickness, Nicu stay or prematurity are valid reasons. Please contact me to discuss this further if you have questions.

How long does a newborn session last?

Most of my sessions average 2-3 hours long. I promise, I do not get frustrated being there that long. And you wont believe how fast it goes by.  But yes, sometimes one pose can take me 15-20 minute before I even snap one picture.  Plus I am all about taking breaks and working around babies needs and wants and feedings. Please feel free to read a book, nap, do your thank you cards or even laundry (if we are at your home of course)


Can we get mom & dad shots? What about sibling photos?

Yes, yes and yes! When I get there, I like to do an entire family shot. Then I will transition to siblings. Then I will do dad. Then dad and mom. I then encourage dad or grandmom or someone to take siblings out. It is going to get hot and if they are not already cranky from the heat and having to be in the photos, they will be.  This is the time that bribing your toddlers is a great resource!! Tell your little ones that they are going to go out for ice cream or mcdonalds or something that they love. This way, we can use this to our advantage during the shoot.   But keep in mind this is your newborn shoot. I am going to focus most of my session on the newborn.


We have picked out 5 outfits for our newborn to wear, is this ok?

Babys look best in nothing at all. This is how I love and prefer to shoot my babies. I have found that most clothes, even the ones that say “newborn” swallow a baby up.  Its not a very flattering look for newborn photos. Pick one outfit and match it to your family photo.  This is the only time I would say keep the baby dressed. Because I am sure mom, dad and brother/sister are going to be dressed too. Otherwise, a sweet, simple white onesie (sized newborn NOT 0-3 months) is the sweetest thing on a newborn for family photos or sibling photos.


What should we wear?

Please wear a form fitting tank top for moms or tee shirt for dads. I prefer solid colors. Light and natural colors. This keeps the focus on the baby and not your clothes.

Why no cameras or cell phone photos in the studio?
I ask that while you are here you just sit & relax and let me take all the photos:)its what you hired me to do.